Randy Campbell

Current Status
 Actively volunteering as the President and Executive Director of the Nograf Network Inc.
A Non Profit Corporation devoted to assisting cities and agencies in reducing or eliminating graffiti vandalism in their communities


Provide Information/Help to Reduce Graffiti Vandalism In Communities















  • January 2010 - Joined the Metro Area Graffiti Task Force of Denver (MAGTFD)

  • October 2009 - Keynote Speaker at the TAGS Conference in Victoria BC

  • July 2008 - Designed and completed the 2008 Northern California Graffiti Trade Show and Conference which was the largest Graffiti Conference ever assembled.

  • 1984-2007 California Highway Patrol Officer (Retired)

  • Involved in Graffiti Investigations since 1988 with several high profile arrest and restitutions

  •  Developed and administered the first California Highway Patrol Graffiti Enforcement Network

  • Developed first online graffiti database for Law Enforcement

  • Designed and Developed the First Covert Graffiti Camera using Cellular Network

  •  Designed, administers and is the current President of Non Profit Group Nograffiti.com which has
     members in many countries around the world.

  • Developed a web based system for tracking graffiti vandals

  • Design and maintain individual Websites with all profits directed to the Non Profit activities

  • Court recognized graffiti expert

  • Member of Multi Agency Graffiti Task Force (M.A.G.I.C.)

  • President and Executive Director, The Nograf Network Inc.

  • Member Tagger and Graffiti Network Enforcement Team



19761979                    Los Angeles Harbor College

  • Business Administration

  • Business Management

  • Administration of Justice


Computers/Web Design, Web based information systems, and electronic covert surveillance.


Nograf Mission Statement


The mission of the NoGraf Network is to contribute to the creation of safe and clean communities, the healthy development of youth, the improvement of quality of life, and the prevention of graffiti vandalism.  Using web-based technologies, NoGraf enables information exchange between individuals and groups involved in supporting these goals.  Building upon the experience of NoGraf members, the Network has identified best practices, current issues, challenges, and courses of action, by facilitating and harnessing dialogue amongst professionals from the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, community-based organizations, abatement practitioners, educators, and vendors.  NoGraf promotes civic participation as a dynamic and meaningful experience derived from focused participation in reducing the blight of graffiti vandalism, thereby improving the quality of life for all citizens.


Available Services



I am available for consultations and conference speaking on the following topics


Graffiti Investigations

Covert Surveillance

Court Expert Certifications (Graffiti)

Graffiti Prevention in New Construction

Graffiti Prevention in Existing Construction

Current Graffiti Trends

Graffiti Cost (U.S. and Abroad)

Web Based Investigations and Tracking

Graffiti Programs

How to Fight Graffiti and Win



Randy Campbell
President and Executive Director
The Nograf Network Inc.
A 501 (C3) Non Profit Corporation
8524 West Gage Blvd
Kennewick, WA 99336